When you visit the Texas Broadcast Museum in Kilgore, TX, you’ll be amazed at the vast amount of memorabilia and vintage equipment we’ve collected over a lifetime.
From the TV cameras and televisions to the radio equipment and vintage microphones, plus much more, it’s a fun and nostalgic walk down memory lane. There’s even a working radio studio where you can get a feel for what it must have been like to be a disc jockey in the past.

You won’t want to miss the:

  • Lee Harvey Oswald camera
  • Telephone Operator’s Switchboard
  • Radios and TVs that span decades
  • Elegant Talking Machines
  • Huge Assortment of Novelty Radios in all shapes and sizes!
  • Rows of antique TV cameras and microphones
  • Thomas Edison recording/playback machines
  • And much more !