Visitors come from all over the country (and sometimes other countries) to see our museum – See what they have to say.

A trip down memory lane!

Wow! A treasure trove of broadcast equipment and vehicles from early days up to the present. An amazing collection that fills multiple rooms. You even get to try your hand as a tv news reporter! All ages will enjoy this place. Don’t miss it when you are in town.

Very Interactive

Really neat facility with interactive cameras and monitors so knew gets a real feel on what it is to be on a TV news set. Very informative.

Huge Collection Well Presented

Tremendous collection of broadcast cameras and equipment, including a remote truck from 1949. Every item is in great condition including the remote truck. Also a collection of early radios. There is a working radio DJ booth, television master control room and audio control room. There is a working TV news set up with two cameras chroma key and weather map. Children (or you) can be the anchor or weather reporter. The host can describe every aspect of the equipment and industry in great detail.

You Just Cannot Miss This Attraction

This museum has been decades in the making and it hold a wealth of history of broadcasting and communications. You can see things that are no more and for some this is the only place on earth to see them up close. The museum is open to the public on Friday and Saturday but will take appointments at other times. So if you are passing through on another day, call ahead for a private showing. No way to show you all that is here, check out their page on social media. They also have an awesome stage and large reception room for large groups and can accommodate almost anything you need or can think of. Maybe some you have never thought of. The restored DuMont Telecruiser is a one of a kind left. The owners of the museum have put their heart and soul into this project.

The best kept secret in East Texas.

I didn’t really know what to expect before I walked in, but I was blown away by the vast collection of TV cameras and other media. The DuMont bus is a wonder of technology. It is amazing what the news crews worked with so many years ago. My daughter was enthralled, because she has not seen devices like these. (She’s 14, so she only knows smart phones and iPads.)

I highly recommend this as a stop on a Friday or Saturday.

My favorite exhibit was the camera that caught the killing of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby.

Amazing displays.

Extensive collection covering the 20th century evolution of radio and television. Super guided tour. Went once then a second time took daughter and her husband. Well worth your time.

Lots of history and the tour was great

Stopped in not knowing what to expect. The museum is filled with old — in many cases — working broadcast equipment — cameras, radios, TVs, Victorolas, etc. the curator took us around and explained everything which was along of fun. Definitely recommend it as a stop when you are near Kilgore or Longview

Must see in Kilgore!

My family was in town for another function but we had some free time in the afternoon. I decided to stop by this place thinking it would be an easy way to kill about 30 minutes. Boy, was I wrong but in a great way! This place is like taking a step back in time with all the very cool cameras, TVs, radios and so much more. You can also play the role of a weatherman on TV, newscaster and radio DJ. The staff and owner (Chuck) are very nice and go out of their way to make sure you have a great experience. The highlight is a fully restored news bus from the 1950s. If you find yourself in Kilgore, make sure you make time for this museum.

This place is incredible!

From the studio camera like the ones that shot the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show to the Telecruiser (production bus) used to cover the Kennedy assassination, this place has a dazzling array of vintage TV, radio, and video artifacts & memorabilia. A fascinating, must-see tour of an impressive collection – perfect for young & old alike!

People were so nice and the history of the thing there are so interesting and would love to go back.

Wow! What a collection of video and audio equipment from the past

Chuck Conrad has been collecting and gathering audio and video (TV broadcast) equipment for decades. He has bought a large building in downtown Kilgore and turned it into one heck of a museum to display all of this equipment. If you have any interest in this or not I can assure you that you will be blown away at the collection of items and equipment. It is definitely worth a trip and a must see when in Kilgore.

Do this with Oil Museum in town – weekends only

Though newly opened, this place is a hidden gem for everyone. The format of the museum takes the “hands on” approach to learning much like the oil museum down a few blocks away at the college. Plenty of dining options a block away in the revitalized historic district on Kilgore St.

You should go!

Cool, learning experience At ANY age.

Such a great museum.

Lots to look at and reminisce over

Very nice.

Lots of gear, some hands on displays. Very educational. Knowledgeable people to tell you about what you are seeing.